sunday was ok; after mucho parawaiting i got the last thermal of the day and climbed straight out to 1000m (450m above launch) in otherwise not-so-flash conditions (for the others who didn't get in the air). that was the first time in two years that i didn't have to fear a tree landing at mt. tamborine, and the view over the gold coast was beautiful. i didn't take any photos, should have. did reset the harness, now it works better but i nevertheless committed to buying the new one.

there was a big thunderstorm in the evening, and as i had the new radio set up properly it was fun listening to BNE airspace control and airplanes talking about bad weather and diversions.

monday OTOH wasn't anything to write home about; while i deployed the ldap environment for the lab and started devising nasty tasks for the unix programming assignment, in the lecture in the evening i wasn't very lucid and couldn't capture the audience well. ah well another day...

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